Perth Physio
Animal Rehab

We assess and treat dogs and horses using Physiotherapy techniques, so that they can move freely and live their best lives.

We work with companion pets plus competitive sports dogs and horses, to help them excel in their specific discipline.

Physio rehabilitation improves the function and reduces the pain for your dog or horse

Physiotherapy reduces the recovery time from an injury, trauma or surgery.

Age related physical declines in strength, balance and coordination, whether caused by a muscular-skeletal or neurological dysfunction, can also be effectively treated.

We work as part of your dog or horse’s team to alleviate their pain, restore optimal movement and safely return your loved one to living their best life.

Whether that is enjoying a walk in the woods, playing freely or competing in high level performance sports.

Our Therapeutic Toolbox

We work with your animal’s rehabilitation team to enable your horse or dog to rapidly and safely return to sport and play. Following a thorough physical assessment, we select the best tools to help resolve the problems we have identified.

How We Work

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